The Fast Facts

Can my Greyhound be trained to obey my commands?

Greyhounds are used to walking on a lead and generally heel readily without pulling. They will rarely if ever sit, unless taught to do so, preferring to stand or lie down. The Greyhound is a very intelligent breed and will learn new commands or exercises quickly, but can easily become distracted or bored. Obedience training is important for any dog being adopted into a new home. However, for the aristocratic and sensitive Greyhound, only gentle training methods employing positive reinforcement should be used. A Greyhound should never be allowed to run off lead unless in a fully fenced and safe area. Their combination of great speed and complete lack of traffic sense means they will almost certainly be killed if allowed to venture near the road. Under current NSW law, Greyhounds are required to be muzzled in a public place, except if they are being exhibited for show purposes or participating in an obedience trial. A recent change to the NSW regulations has allowed Greyhounds tested and passed by the Greyhound Adoption Program National Temperamant Test to go without muzzles as long as they wear a distinctive green collar.