The Fast Facts

Are males or females better?

EllieMany people, when making the decision on whether they would like a boy or a girl, have preconceived ideas. Based on their experience with other breeds, issues such as male dominance or aggression, "leg cocking" and overall size are frequently to the forefront when expressing a preference for females. These widely held views often mean that we have quite a long list of people waiting to adopt a girl, but not so much demand for our beautiful boys. This is a great pity because the truth is that Greyhound boys are even more soft natured than the girls.

Boys rarely, in our experience, attempt to dominate other dogs, whether male or female - if anything, the girls can be a bit more "forward" than the boys! Additionally, Greyhound boys are very clean and don't cock their legs on furniture or indoor plants - nor do they need to mark every tree when out on a walk! Some boys don't cock their leg at all - but we know some girls that do! Whilst boys are, generally, larger than girls, in reality it makes no difference. Since Greyhounds are essentially lounge lizards and spend most of their time relaxing and sleeping, their physical size is of little or no consequence. For example, they would take up much less space than a small dog that is more active and this is confirmed by the boy greyhounds who are happily living with their new families in small inner city terraces!

If you have decided that you would like to share your life with a Greyhound, we hope that you will consider a boy. The waiting time will be shorter and you will end up with wonderful companion who has none of the problems that you may have expected to come with a male dog.