Information for Greyhound Trainers and Owners

How does GAP "de-program" Greyhounds so they will no longer chase?

Unfortunately the perception that we can de-program these dogs from wanting to chase moving objects is not true - we are not magicians. We cannot overcome thousands of years of breed history and months or years of race training in a few short weeks in foster care.

However, there is a huge range of chasing instincts (or prey drive) within the Greyhound breed. For example, some Greyhounds are terrified of cats at first. Others want to rip them apart. It is our job, on acquiring a new dog, to assess whereabouts in this range the dog lies. We have had some quite successful racing dogs that will live harmoniously with cats and small dogs and also some supposed "non-chasers" that are very keen around small animals. Each Greyhound is assessed on its own merits. Those Greyhounds who are not safe around small dogs will be failed from the program.