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Cats and greyhounds

It often comes as a surprise to people who are discovering this amazing breed that Greyhounds and cats can live happily and harmoniously together.

However, it should be noted that by no means are all Greys cat-tolerant. As with any other breed, introducing an adult dog to a cat can be problematic. Added to this, there is the fact that Greyhounds have thousands of years of selection as hunting dogs, so it is little wonder that some Greys are not suitable for re-homing with families who have one or more cats.

Furthermore, there are other factors which may influence how successfully a "cat-tolerant" Grey will adjust to living with a cat; the cat's own personality is probably one of the most significant of these. For example, a cat with a well-developed sense of its own importance and status in the "pack", and who won't just turn and run, is the type that will more likely live happily with a Grey, or any other dog for that matter.

Oliver and catAdditionally, it is our experience that a cat who lives outside will prove much more of a temptation to a Grey than an inside cat due to the cat's greater level of activity when outside. In fact there can be quite a dramatic difference in a Grey's behaviour towards a cat when both are outside. We therefore don't recommend that our Greyhounds be adopted with outside cats .

Finally, if you are a cat owner, wishing to adopt one of these wonderful animals, please bear in mind that you may be in for a much longer wait for a suitable dog than a non cat-owning applicant. GAP estimates that between 5% and 10% of Greyhounds entering our program will pass our strict cat-testing procedures and period in a cat-owning foster home (or homes). And, as we usually have an existing waiting list of cat owners, it may be a few months before we are able to supply you with one of "The Dog World's Best-Kept Secrets".

If you wish to discuss your own situation before submitting an adoption application, please feel free to call us on 02 9452 3446.

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