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The change is here!!

NSW Local Government Minister Don Page on 25th October 2011 unveiled a new program which will allow pet Greyhounds to become muzzle free in public places. This has been labelled Greenhounds, and is a joint initiative of the Department of Local Government and Greyhound Racing NSW.

Details about this new program are available from the Greenhounds website.

The sequence is as follows:

  1. You, as an owner of an existing pet Greyhound, are able to apply for a 6-week retraining program from the Greenhounds site. The retraining will be conducted in your own home by you.
  2. After successful completion of this program you can select an approved assessor to administer the GAP National Temperament Test.
  3. A number of assessors are available and listed on the Greenhounds website.

    Note that assessors will charge a fee for this.

  4. A pass in this test plus the completed in-house workbook should then be sent to the Greenhounds organisation with a fee (currently $49.50). This will then, after the necessary administration work, result in a Green Collar being issued for each Greyhound that qualifies.

The issued Green Collar allows the Greyhound who has earned it to go unmuzzled in a public place while wearing the Green Collar.

The changes can be found in the Companion Animal Act  - scroll down to 33B in Part 5.

We have been actively campaigning for over a decade to get the legislation amended to allow Greyhounds, who have been through our GAP program, to be exempt from wearing muzzles. We are pleased that there is now a process.

We thank all our supporters who have written (often numerous times over many years) to their state MP or the various Ministers for Local Government.

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