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Information for Greyhound Trainers and Owners

Does GAP screen adoption applicants before placing a Greyhound with them?

Yes, very carefully. It is our primary aim to place all our adopted Greyhounds into caring, responsible, long term pet homes. Where possible, we visit each home to meet all members of the household, including children and other pets, and to assess suitability of fencing and sleeping areas. For applicants living a long distance from Sydney, we must rely on recommendations from referees and photos of the yard and fencing. GAP also has a policy that if an adopting owner can no longer keep the Greyhound, for any reason, it must be returned to us.

Once my former racing Greyhound is rehomed, can I make contact with its adoptive owners?

Because of privacy legislation, we can only pass on other people's contact details if they have given permission for us to do so.

Many, but not all, adoptive families are curious about their Greyhound's former life and success (or otherwise) on the track. If you are happy to have contact with your Greyhound's new owners, and if they wish to, we will provide your contact details to the adoptive family, so they can get in touch.

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