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Information for Greyhound Trainers and Owners

How do I place my Greyhound into the Adoption Program

Fill out the application form and email it to us at GAPNSW.

Alternatively you can leave your details on our answering machine (02 9452 3446).

We will get back to you as quickly as we can.

If your Greyhound fits our criteria, GAP will place your dog on our waiting list. We do not generally contact you again until we are almost ready to take your dog.

Is Your Greyhound Cat-tolerant?

gypsyIf you believe your Greyhound is cat-tolerant - and you wish to have it placed in a loving family home via the Greyhound Adoption Program - then you could be in luck!

GAP (NSW) has quite a waiting list of people who are cat owners, wishing to adopt Greyhounds. This means that cat-tolerant Greyhounds are urgently required!

So, if you think your Greyhound is a winner in the cat-tolerance stakes then please get in touch with us ASAP by phoning 02 9452 3446. We look forward to hearing from you!


Is there a limit on how many dogs I can place on the waiting list?

Yes. To be fair to all owners of racing Greyhounds, we limit the number placed on our list by any one owner to one or two dogs at any time.

How long is the waiting time once my Greyhound goes onto the list?

This will vary, but is generally a number of weeks or months. We always have more Greyhounds available to us than (temporary) foster homes or permanent homes. As a consequence, we are only able to hold a small number of dogs at any one time and are unable to take dogs in at short notice.


As we usually have a lot more dogs on our list than bitches, the waiting time is much longer for the males. We will do our best to take in those Greyhounds that have been on the waiting list longest, but this will depend upon our needs at the time - for example, we usually try to have a mixture of ages and sexes in foster care. We do not select dogs based on colour.

When is the best time to put my dog on the GAP waiting list?

Because of the unavoidable time delay, we would encourage owners / owner-trainers to put their Greyhound on the waiting list before the dog retires from the track.

What if my Greyhound is on the GAP waiting list and I change my mind?

No problems. If you find an alternative home for the dog before GAP can take it in, or or are unable to keep it any longer, we would appreciate a call to let us know this Greyhound is no longer available. We'll take it off our list.

Will GAP take on any Greyhound?

We would like to be able to rehome every retired Greyhound in NSW and the ACT. Unfortunately this is not possible because of the sheer numbers involved, and because not all Greyhounds would make suitable pets.

We will generally accept dogs over twelve months and up to five years of age. We require each dog to be physically sound and without medical problems that would lead to ongoing veterinary costs for the adoptive owner. All Greyhounds must possess an even temperament and be sociable in the presence of other dog breeds, particularly small fluffy dogs.

The majority of Greyhounds rehomed by us will go to family homes in suburban or inner city areas, often with other pets (including some with cats), and must be able to walk with their owners around the local streets and parks without difficulty. If your Greyhound wants to chase and grab everything that moves, it is unlikely to pass our assessment - please do not waste your and our time by referring dogs of unsuitable temperament.

What happens when my Greyhound is ready to be taken in by GAP?

When GAP is able to offer a place in the Program, we will contact you and arrange to meet you at a mutually convenient time and location for assessment (this is generally at Kemps Creek or St Ives). All dogs should be recently bathed and free of fleas and other parasites.

We ask for a number of items to be brought with you: C5 or C7 vaccination certificate and desexing certificate (if applicable) signed by a registered veterinary surgeon, the dog's ID card and weight card (if applicable), "puppy papers" for unraced dogs, signed Transfer of Ownership to GAP NSW form.

Should your dog pass our assessment, we are generally able to take the dog immediately. If we judge your Greyhound to be unsuitable for rehoming, you will be required to take the dog back. When we accept the Greyhound, it is placed in one or more foster homes, where it is introduced to general household activities and where its behaviour around people and other animals is further assessed.

How does GAP "de-program" Greyhounds so they will no longer chase?

Unfortunately the perception that we can de-program these dogs from wanting to chase moving objects is not true - we are not magicians. We cannot overcome thousands of years of breed history and months or years of race training in a few short weeks in foster care.

However, there is a huge range of chasing instincts (or prey drive) within the Greyhound breed. For example, some Greyhounds are terrified of cats at first. Others want to rip them apart. It is our job, on acquiring a new dog, to assess whereabouts in this range the dog lies. We have had some quite successful racing dogs that will live harmoniously with cats and small dogs and also some supposed "non-chasers" that are very keen around small animals. Each Greyhound is assessed on its own merits. Those Greyhounds who are not safe around small dogs will be failed from the program.

What can I do to assist my Greyhound's transition from racing dog to family pet?

There are a number of things you can do to ease your Greyhound's transition into a pet lifestyle before it is taken in by GAP. These might include:

  • Get the dog used to spending time loose in the back yard - pet homes do not generally have kennels and runs.
  • Take him or her out on street walks to different places - to the park; past the local school or shopping centre; beside busy roads, etc.
  • Bring him or her into the house for short periods.
  • Introduce him or her to stairs and slippery floor surfaces like tiles, linoleum or polished floor boards.
  • Introduce him or her to other animals under controlled circumstances - other dog breeds, horses, caged birds, poultry etc.

Does GAP screen adoption applicants before placing a Greyhound with them?

Yes, very carefully. It is our primary aim to place all our adopted Greyhounds into caring, responsible, long term pet homes. Where possible, we visit each home to meet all members of the household, including children and other pets, and to assess suitability of fencing and sleeping areas. For applicants living a long distance from Sydney, we must rely on recommendations from referees and photos of the yard and fencing. GAP also has a policy that if an adopting owner can no longer keep the Greyhound, for any reason, it must be returned to us.

Once my former racing Greyhound is rehomed, can I make contact with its adoptive owners?

Because of privacy legislation, we can only pass on other people's contact details if they have given permission for us to do so.

Many, but not all, adoptive families are curious about their Greyhound's former life and success (or otherwise) on the track. If you are happy to have contact with your Greyhound's new owners, and if they wish to, we will provide your contact details to the adoptive family, so they can get in touch.

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