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Greyhound Adoption Program (NSW) Inc.

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Information for Greyhound Trainers and Owners

What happens when my Greyhound is ready to be taken in by GAP?

When GAP is able to offer a place in the Program, we will contact you and arrange for you to deliver the dog to our rented kennels at Hoxton Park. All dogs must be recently bathed and free of fleas and other parasites on arrival, and MUST have a current C5 vaccination, administered at least 10 days previously.

We ask for a number of items to be posted to GAP prior to delivery: C5 vaccination certificate signed by a registered veterinary surgeon, their registration papers and weight card if applicable, "puppy papers" for unraced dogs, signed Transfer of Ownership to GAP NSW form, your email address and a monetary donation ($100) towards our veterinary expenses.

Please let us know if your bitch has just come into season as we will delay taking her until this has been completed.

If your Greyhound is male, are both testicles fully descended into the scrotum?

During their week or so at the kennels, new Greyhounds are introduced to small dog breeds, and in some cases, to cats as well. All dogs graduating from GAP NSW must be sociable with little dogs. Once we are satisfied that this is the case, the dog will undergo a general health check by a vet and will be microchipped, heartworm tested, wormed, desexed and teeth cleaned. When sufficiently recovered from surgery, the Greyhound is placed in one or more foster homes, where it is introduced to general household activities and where its behaviour around people, especially children, and other animals is assessed.

If we judge your Greyhound to be unsuitable for rehoming, you will be required to collect the dog within one week or it will be humanely euthanased. The $100 fee is NOT refundable, even if you take the dog back.

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