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Information for Greyhound Trainers and Owners

What can I do to assist my Greyhound's transition from racing dog to family pet?

There are a number of things you can do to ease your Greyhound's transition into a pet lifestyle before it is taken in by GAP. These might include:

  • Get the dog used to spending time loose in the back yard - pet homes do not generally have kennels and runs.
  • Take him or her out on street walks to different places - to the park; past the local school or shopping centre; beside busy roads, etc.
  • Bring him or her into the house for short periods.
  • Introduce him or her to stairs and slippery floor surfaces like tiles, linoleum or polished floor boards.
  • Introduce him or her to other animals under controlled circumstances - other dog breeds, horses, caged birds, poultry etc.
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