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Why a GAP NSW dog?

Why should you adopt your greyhound from GAP (NSW)?

EveThere are many sources from which you could obtain a Greyhound apart from GAP (NSW) - directly from its breeder or trainer, "giveaway" ads in the newspapers, from the RSPCA or other welfare groups, from local council pounds etc. What are the advantages or disadvantages of acquiring your future companion from such other sources? We advise that you do some research before taking the plunge and adopting the first dog whose photo takes your fancy.

Some of the reasons we think you should adopt a GAP Greyhound include:

  • Our members have many years (some individuals have over 20 years) of experience in Greyhounds as pets, so we can answer almost any question you can come up with!
  • All our dogs spend several weeks in foster homes, so they are quite used to the routines of family life, unlike those Greyhounds adopted straight from a kennel environment.
  • Our dogs' personalities and behaviour are all individually assessed whilst in foster care, so we can more closely match a dog to the needs of prospective adopters.
  • Because almost all our Greyhounds come directly from their breeder or racing owner, we have good background on their individual traits or habits, and any medical problems or injuries (if any) they might have had.
  • By obtaining our dogs from their racing owners, we are supporting those industry members who have a more responsible attitude to rehoming their (often much loved) charges.
  • Our Greyhounds are all assessed for their behaviour around other dog breeds, including small dogs, and only those dogs we believe to be sociable in the community are rehomed.
  • Our dogs are all fully vetted (including desexing, microchipping, teeth cleaning, heartworm testing, worming etc) before being rehomed. Our adoption fee of $300 is far less than you would pay for these services yourself.
  • We provide ongoing advice and support (including behavioural and veterinary advice) to all our adopters, for the lifetime of their Greyhound.
  • It is our firm policy that if an adopter of a GAP Greyhound is no longer able to care for their dog, GAP will take the dog back without hesitation.
  • GAP has been an incorporated association with the NSW Dept of Fair Trading since 1999 - we are not a fly-by-night outfit with no accountability.
  • We encourage social contact and networking between all our Greyhound adopters through our newsletter and at activities such as our annual Picnic Day.
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